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Online video is the most powerful marketing tool in today’s arsenal.  Video used on your website and on social media has a ton of benefits, including:

Take a look at some of our past work and see how we can help your business.

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Business Promotional Films

Business Profile Film

A business profile film like this one for Michele Johns Photography is designed to give the viewer an understanding about the business, the business owner, and what they do.

These films start the process of building trust and familiarity with your potential clients and customers.  These are a must for any business!


Product Showcase Film

A product showcase film allows you to provide your potential clients and customers with an understanding of the products you offer. 

They get to learn the benefits of those products and see how those products are the right fit for their needs.


Testimonial Films

Testimonial Film

Testimonial films like this one for Vessel Longevity +IV Bar, give people a chance to understand what it will be like to use your business.

These types of films are extremely powerful in helping people make their final buying decision.

Testimonial Film

Testimonial films are generally between one and two minutes long.

They provide the social proof to potential clients and customers that their experience with your business will be a positive one.  These work well on both your website and on social media.

Films for Social Media Posts

Social Media Film

These short films are great for social media posts.  They can be used to create engagement with your social media audience and generate likes on the various social media platforms.

Social Media Film

These films are generally kept to 40-90 seconds long.  It is best to develop a consistent schedule for releasing this type of content.  Site Remodelers can help you develop a content calendar that will include the topics for the videos based on your specific ideal customer.

Films for Real Estate

Agent Profile Film

This film will let the prospective client get to know you and build a familiarity before you even meet.

This type of “virtual first impression” will help you to convert that person into a client much easier than ever before.

Property Showcase Film

This type of film can be used to showcase your listings in ways that develop a deep emotional connection with prospective buyers that photos just can’t match.

This emotional connection helps to increase the property’s perceived value in the eyes of buyers and can help you secure a higher sales price for your client.

Property Showcase Film

This is another example of a property showcase film.

These videos work best for staged properties priced at more than $550,000.  Optional aerial footage is available in some areas to showcase outdoor areas and tracts of land.

Vacation Rental Promo Film

Films can also be used to promote vacation rental properties.  They can include the property’s amenities, attractions in the surrounding areas, and more.

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Discover Why You Should Employ Video Marketing

Builds Trust

Videos have been proven to build trust between businesses and potential clients/customers more quickly than any other medium.

Easier Conversions

Recent business studies have found that those who incorporate video into their online marketing efforts see up to 74% more conversions than those who don't.

Gets More Attention

Videos grab the attention of potential leads better than other marketing materials.

Remarkable ROI

With the increase in conversions and reusability of video, the ROI on quality marketing videos is high.

Easily Shared

Videos are shared more readily shared over social media, further increasing ROI.

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