Start Using Video to Promote Your Vacation Rental

Video is the perfect method for showcasing your vacation rental.  See how we can create videos for you that will help you get more bookings and charge more for those bookings.

Why Video is Perfect for Promoting Vacation Rentals

Builds Trust

Videos have been proven to build trust between owners and potential guests more quickly than any other medium.

Easier Conversions

Recent business studies have found that those who incorporate video into their online marketing efforts see up to 74% more conversions than those who don't.

Gets More Attention

Videos grab the attention of potential guests better than other marketing materials.

Remarkable ROI

With the increase in conversions and reusability of video, the ROI on quality marketing videos is high.

Better Than Pictures

Videos are better than pictures at conveying the possibilities and promise of a great vacation at your property.

Choose the Types of Films That Are Right For Your Business

Vacation Property Showcase Films

This type of video can be used to showcase your vacation rental in ways that pictures just can’t match.

The example above shows off the interior of the property but we can do so much more! 

We will show off your property, both interior and exterior, as well as fun things that are available for your guests to do in the area.  These films work hard to really sell potential guests on booking with you instead of the competition!

The best part is that this film is good until you renovate the property.  Otherwise, you can use this film year after year to promote your property which maximizes your ROI on this investment!

Property Showcase Films Include:


Testimonial Films

There is nothing better at promoting your business than the word of happy guests.  Potential guests are more likely to choose you if they know that others have had good experiences with you and your services.

What if you could have those happy guests spread the word through video?

We will do a quick interview with your guests to talk about how much they loved staying at your property!  They may even provide insights on fun things to do that you had not thought about promoting!  We could arrange to meet up with them at your property or conduct the interview at a different location. 

If you have past guest willing to make a testimonial, this type of film is a great tool to add to your marketing methods.

Testimonial Films Include:

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